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 Communication Fire Solution
I. Fire Factors in Communication Facilities
1. Overload
Overload operation of equipment is easy to cause overheating and fire.
2. Poor line contact
Poor contact of optical fibers at joints increases the probability of fire.
3. Wire Short Circuit
When the wire is short-circuited, it will produce high temperature and high heat instantaneously, which will melt the wire metal, burn the insulating layer and ignite the nearby combustibles to cause fire.
4. Poor insulation performance
The quality of insulator is not good, and it is easy to expose, corrode and break in the case of immersion and dampness of communication optical cable lines, which may cause fire if the load is too large and short circuit occurs.
5. Poor maintenance
Long-term operation of communication equipment is not timely maintenance, resulting in the normal operation of the process of use, due to friction, overload, short-circuit and other reasons, local overheating may cause fire;
6. Lightning strikes
The armoured components of optical cables are all metal conductors. If the power lines are short-circuited or lightning strikes the metal parts, strong current will be generated to destroy the optical cable line equipment, and even casualties will occur in serious cases.
7. External force
Communication optical cable lines are mostly laid in the field, and inadvertent construction, field fire, earthquake, theft and other external factors are easy to cause damage to optical cable lines and cause fire safety accidents.
II. Fire-prone locations
1. Communication room;
2. Distribution room, oil engine room (generator room), UPS room;
3. Oil storage room;
4. Cable pipes, holes, shafts, geosynclines, cable trenches, sandwiches and supporting ventilation pipes;
5. Communication hub and base station;
6. Electrical facilities and equipment.
3. Our Solutions
1. Sevofluoropropane fire extinguishing system with pipe network or cabinet

Pipe network type                                                                   Cabinet type
The fire extinguishing system of heptafluoropropane produced by Jianan Fire Protection Company has been certified by 3C. In addition to fighting fire of high precision electronic instruments, equipment and valuables, the system is very suitable for fire extinguishing in the communication industry. It is colorless, odorless, non-conductive and non-secondary pollution. It has high fire extinguishing efficiency, no pollution to communication facilities and good electrical insulation. Long spray distance, rapid fire extinguishing, especially non-conductive performance is the ideal fire extinguishing system for communication equipment. (Refer to the product introduction of the product center in the station for the specific index parameters.)
2. Aerosol fire extinguishing system
               Landing type                                                                 Small-micro type
The third generation aerosol fire extinguishing system in Jianan fire fighting production is mainly composed of strontium salt as the main oxidant. It has the mechanism of heat absorption, temperature reduction and extinguishing, chemical suppression and extinguishing, and oxygen concentration reduction. It has powerful fire extinguishing function. This kind of fire extinguishing agent has small particle size, large specific surface area and good environmental protection fire extinguishing effect. It can adopt full submergence fire extinguishing mode or partial fire extinguishing mode. It is very suitable for communication room and is preferred by communication users, especially without bottle driving mode. It has good advantages in installation, maintenance and operation.( Refer to the product introduction of the product center in the station for body index parameters.)