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Wind Power Fire Solution
I. Risk of Wind Power Fire
1. The hidden danger is large; the wind power system is complex, and the electric, circuit, oil, engine room and so on are prone to fire.
2. There are many incentives: frictional overheating, cable overcurrent, equipment malfunction, lightning strike, high temperature, strong wind, irregularities and wrong operation are all Fire-Inducing factors.
3. Spread quickly: Once a fire occurs, the fire will spread quickly because of the sufficient concentration in the engine room and the rapid ventilation.
II. Fire-prone parts of wind power
1. Impeller
Specific parts: blade, hub lubrication system, battery cabinet of pitch control system, capacitor cabinet, etc.
Causes of fire: lightning strike on blade, over-load operation of pitch motor, poor quality of components in pitch control system, overheating aging breakdown of electrical components and short circuit of batteries/capacitors, etc.
2, engine room
Specific parts: lubrication heat dissipation system, gear box, brake system, engine room base, transmission cable, control cabinet, grid cabinet, converter cabinet and other parts;
Causes of fire: high temperature operation, poor ventilation, poor quality of electrical components, overheating and aging of electrical components, leakage of lubricants, high-speed braking and extreme bad weather conditions.
3, tower tube
Specific parts: transmission control cables, frequency converter cabinets, tower control cabinets and other facilities;
Causes of fire: the control cabinet has narrow space, poor ventilation, overheating and aging of electrical components, breakdown and reduction of overcurrent insulation of cables.
III. Five Major Problems Needing to be Solved in Wind Power Fire Safety
1. How to discover the initial irritation as early as possible
Wind power equipment and facilities are mostly located in remote areas, and manpower observation is limited. Fire extinguishing system is required to have superior sensitive detection and prediction functions.
2. How to Control Fire in Time and Effectively
Most of the flames formed by wind power fires spread quickly, so it is necessary to extinguish and suppress the fires automatically and timely without anyone on duty.
3. How to prevent fire fundamentally
In order to prevent the sudden occurrence of fire, fire extinguishing system is required to eliminate potential fire hazards in the budding state in the shortest time and nearest distance.
4. How to maximize the adaptability of fire extinguishing system to the surrounding environment
Wind power operation environment is complex, requiring fire extinguishing system to have good seismic, antimagnetic, stable voltage, moisture-proof and other protective effects.
5. How to achieve the most economical fire fighting
When choosing fire extinguishing system, the best fire extinguishing effect must be achieved at the lowest cost (purchase and maintenance).
IV. Six Basic Requirements for Wind Power Fire Safety System
1. Fire extinguishing system should be as small as possible, occupy small space, precise protection point, and easy to install and maintain. It can realize automatic detection and fire extinguishing without external power supply.
2. Fire extinguishing system should detect early fire accurately and quickly, implement timely and effective alarm and respond quickly to fire extinguishing.
3. Fire extinguishing system should be able to resist vibration, wind, moisture, dust, magnetism and smoke in static environment, and not affected by extreme climate and temperature variation.
4. The fire extinguishing effect can be prevented from re-ignition in the implementation of fire extinguishing.
5. Continuous monitoring and protection should be provided all-weather without any person on duty.
6. The cost of purchasing, installing, maintaining and cleaning after fire extinguishing is very economical and reasonable.
V. Our Solutions
1. Temperature-sensitive self-starting fire detector
                       HFC-227ea(derect)    HFC-227ea(inderect
Jianan Fire Producer mainly produces sevofluoropropane and carbon dioxide two kinds of fire detection tubes, which are certified by 3C of the state. It has the functions of automatic and intelligent fire detection and rapid fire extinguishing. It is sensitive to temperature and quick in response. It can extinguish the fire in the budding state in a few seconds, and can extinguish the fire effectively near the point to point.
This kind of fire detection tube is simple in design, small in volume, and can be installed in the closed space environment of wind power facilities or where there are many fire hazards. It is a completely independent fire extinguishing device. It does not need external power supply, and it is cheap, easy to install and maintenance-free. It is an ideal automatic fire extinguishing device at present. Wind power industry is widely used.
Main features (advantages):
—— It can extinguish fire sources instantaneously and effectively.
—— The unique fire extinguishing effect can effectively extinguish the fire in the budding state.
—— The device starts automatically in case of fire, without power supply and manual operation.
—— Most suitable for unattended;
—— The detection reaction time is fast and the damage caused by fire spread is reduced.
—— Fire detection tube is not affected by any position, and can be arranged at any cable laying place, which can make up for the blank that existing fire products can not extinguish such fire sources.
—— It can be equivalent to a linear detector, which can detect fire and release fire extinguishing media.
—— Because the amount of fire extinguishing agent is small, it can reduce the pollution and damage to the surrounding environment.
—— It greatly reduces the cost of each fire extinguishing, and at the same time, it is easy to install and occupies very small space. Simple design reduces the installation and maintenance costs to the minimum.
—— The non-fully submerged type will not harm the people in the protected area when released.
—— It will not cause false alarm or release due to the influence of oil, dust, etc.
—— The device has no electrical components and is not affected by vibration or collision.
2. Temperature-sensitive automatic fire extinguishing pipe:

                                          Fire  tube
It consists of plastic pipes made of special materials and liquid stored in pipes with cooling effect. Pressure gauges and sealing fittings are set at both ends of the pipes. When the ignition temperature in wind power facilities rises to a set value, the pipes rupture and release coolant to extinguish the initial fire in the form of gas to avoid the expansion of the fire. Spread. It has the following characteristics and advantages:
—— The utility model has strong versatility and is suitable for various energy storage implementations and various fires.
—— High cost-effective, maintenance-free, long life;
—— Drug storage tanks are not required.
—— Pressure switch or other signal unit can be selected to expand the function.
—— Release high-efficiency clean gas, no residue, no harm to the internal and human body of energy storage;
—— Temperature self-starting without manual intervention;
—— Fully independent operation without power supply;
—— Maintenance-free, no operating costs;
—— It is easy to install without special training.
—— Pressure gauges monitor pressure changes.