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 Energy Storage Fire Solution
I. Fire factors of energy storage facilities (energy storage power stations, charging piles, chassis/cabinets, lithium batteries, etc.)
1. Battery system defects: For example, fabrication defects such as poor coating of active substances in batteries are likely to cause fire.
2. Bad electric shock protection system: If the internal parts of battery protection device are damaged, the insulation performance of DC contactor will decline and fire.
3. Insufficient management of operating environment: such as water, measles, brine and other environmental water intruded into battery system, resulting in melting trace and loss of insulation performance and fire;
4. Energy out of control in the energy storage system will cause high temperature and fire.
II. Fire-prone parts of energy storage system
1. Transformers and high-voltage switchgear: If the transformer device is oil-bearing equipment, the internal fault of the transformer device will cause arc heating, which may cause combustion and explosion.
2. Low-voltage switch and control cabinet: Instability during charging and discharging and power output may cause fire hazards.
3. Electric power conversion system: There may be hidden dangers of overcharge and high temperature in the process of system conversion.
4. Battery Matrix (stack): The long-term operation of electrolytic water in the charging and discharging process of storage batteries will produce trace hydrogen. If the indoor ventilation is not smooth or the discharge pipeline is blocked, the hydrogen gathers to a certain concentration in the indoor or partial enclosed space, and is impacted by open fire, lightning, or electrostatic discharge sparks, short-circuit overcharge or overdischarge. All kinds of unexpected factors, such as fire and explosion, may cause hidden dangers.
5. Electronic equipment in power plant of energy storage plant: The environmental humidity does not meet the requirements of national standards and standards, which causes the failure of electronic equipment due to excessive humidity of air and causes fire accidents.
III. Our Solutions
1. Sevofluoropropane Automatic Fire Extinguishing System for Pipeline Network

In this system, a detector is installed on the top of each battery cluster. Once a fire occurs, it can transmit signals to the control host through smoke and temperature sensors, and start the heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing system with pipeline network. This system is more suitable for energy storage system composed of multiple containers.
2. Cabinet Sevofluoropropane Fire Extinguishing System

The cabinet type sevofluoropropane fire extinguishing system is suitable for the container type energy storage system with sufficient internal space. When designing the energy storage system, reserve a cabinet type space on the inside side of the container (usually the rear side). (The specifications and dimensions of the cabinet type sevofluoropropane can be consulted by us). This way, after the batteries and electrical parts are put in place, It can be directly put into the fire extinguishing system without further design.
3. Hanging heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing system

Electromagnetic type
There are two types of suspended heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing system: electromagnetic type and fixed temperature type. The fixed temperature type is suitable for single container energy storage system with smaller volume. The electromagnetic type is suitable for any volume of containers. However, if the volume is large and the number of suspended equipment is large, it is necessary to consider whether the top of the container has enough load-bearing capacity. In this case, please consult us.
In a word, the fire extinguishing system of heptafluoropropane produced in Jianan Fire Protection Company has been certified by 3C. In addition to extinguishing fires of high-precision electronic instruments, equipment and valuables, the system is very suitable for fire extinguishing in energy storage industry. It is colorless, odorless, non-conductive, non-secondary pollution, high fire extinguishing efficiency, no pollution to energy storage facilities and electrical insulation. Good performance, long spray distance, fast fire extinguishing, especially non-conductive performance is the ideal fire extinguishing system for energy storage equipment.
4. Aerosol fire extinguishing system

Small-micro aerosol
It is suitable for micro energy storage system with small volume. For example, for a single 20-foot container battery pack, the internal space has been basically occupied by the battery rack, there is no space on both sides for cabinet-type sevofluoropropane, and there is no space for suspension on the top, so only a smaller aerosol can be used.
In addition, for container storage power plants, in addition to equipping with appropriate fire extinguishing system, early warning also needs to be paid attention to. Many energy storage container manufacturers have put forward many feasible schemes in this regard. It is believed that with the continuous progress of relevant early warning technology and good fire extinguishing system protection, the possibility of fire accidents in container storage power stations will be greatly reduced.
Main features:
(1) Wide range of service temperature: -20 ~55 C, which can be used in high-cold and high-heat areas at the same time.
(2) The products of JA fire extinguishing device in the process of fire extinguishing have no effect on the corrosion of circuit and electrical equipment, so as to ensure that the circuit and electrical equipment can operate effectively and normally after fire extinguishing.
(3) When JA fire extinguishing device starts fire extinguishing, a large number of inert gases (such as N2, CO2) are produced, which restrains the combustion reaction of fire to achieve the purpose of fire extinguishing.
(4) The aerosols produced by JA fire extinguishing device after start-up are non-toxic, pollution-free, corrosion-free, pollution-free and ozone-depleting.
(5) JA fire extinguishing device and fire alarm controller can realize high-speed, high-efficiency and all-round fire extinguishing. It has comprehensive functions of automatic detection, automatic alarm, automatic start and manual start. It has unique advantages for fire extinguishing under unmanned conditions and fire extinguishing where firefighters are difficult to reach.
(6) Multiple interconnections and wires can be connected, so that the protection space is not affected by the length of the lines.
(7) The system has no pipe network, no pressure vessel driving device, no valves and pipes, which can save usage area and engineering cost.
(8) JA fire extinguishing device is solid storage leak-free, working under atmospheric pressure, safe and reliable, convenient storage and transportation, low maintenance costs.
(9) Implementation standard GA499.1-2010.
5. Temperature-sensitive self-starting fire detector or fire extinguishing tube

Temperature-sensitive self-starting fire detector
Jianan Fire Producing mainly has two kinds of fire detection tubes, sevofluoropropane and carbon dioxide, which have been certified by the state compulsory 3C. They have the functions of automatic and intelligent fire detection and rapid fire extinguishing. They are sensitive to temperature and quick in response. They can extinguish the fire in the budding state in a few seconds, and achieve point-to-point high-efficiency fire extinguishing nearby.
This kind of fire detection tube is simple in design, small in volume, and can be installed in the closed space environment of energy storage facilities or where there are large fire hazards. It is a completely independent fire extinguishing device. It does not need external power supply, and has low cost, simple installation and basic maintenance-free. It is the most ideal automatic fire extinguishing device at present, which is worth storing. It is widely used in energy industry.
Main features (advantages):
—— It can extinguish fire sources instantaneously and effectively.
—— The unique fire extinguishing effect can effectively extinguish the fire in the budding state.
—— The device starts automatically in case of fire, without power supply and manual operation.
—— Most suitable for unattended;
—— The detection reaction time is fast and the damage caused by fire spread is reduced.
—— Fire detection tube is not affected by any position, and can be arranged at any cable laying place, which can make up for the blank that existing fire products can not extinguish such fire sources.
—— It can be equivalent to a linear detector, which can detect fire and release fire extinguishing media.
—— Because the amount of fire extinguishing agent is small, it can reduce the pollution and damage to the surrounding environment.
—— It greatly reduces the cost of each fire extinguishing, and at the same time, it is easy to install and occupies very small space. Simple design reduces the installation and maintenance costs to the minimum.
—— The non-fully submerged type will not harm the people in the protected area when released.
—— It will not cause false alarm or release due to the influence of oil, dust, etc.
—— The device has no electrical components and is not affected by vibration or collision.
Temperature-sensitive automatic fire extinguishing pipe:

It consists of plastic pipes made of special materials and liquid stored in pipes with cooling effect. Pressure gauges and sealing fittings are set at both ends of the pipes. When the ignition temperature in the energy storage facilities rises to a set value, the pipes burst and release coolant to extinguish the initial fire in the form of gas, so as to avoid the expansion of the fire. Spread. It has the following characteristics and advantages:
—— The utility model has strong versatility and is suitable for various energy storage implementations and various fires.
—— High cost-effective, maintenance-free, long life;
—— Drug storage tanks are not required.
—— Pressure switch or other signal unit can be selected to expand the function.
—— Release high-efficiency clean gas, no residue, no harm to the internal and human body of energy storage;
—— Temperature self-starting without manual intervention;
—— Fully independent operation without power supply;
—— Maintenance-free, no operating costs;
—— It is easy to install without special training.
—— Pressure gauges monitor pressure changes.