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 Power Plant Fire Solution
I. Fire Factors in Power Plant Facilities
1. Fuel fire. The risk of fire is particularly high due to improper use and storage of fuel oil, coal and pulverized coal.
2. Line fire. Electrical short circuit and arc caused fire.
3. Leakage and fire. Leakages of hydrogen or fuel also increase the risk of fire.
II. Fire-prone locations
1. Steam Turbine Oil System
Insulation layer and fire prevention and isolation measures of bare high-temperature steam pipeline are not effective, and fire easily occurs; hydrogen pressure of hydrogen-cooled unit is too high, once oil seal is damaged, hydrogen rushing into main oil tank will cause combustion and explosion when open fire occurs; rubber pad or plastic pad at valve joint of steam turbine oil system is not oil-resistant and high-temperature-resistant. The oil pipeline is not strong enough to meet the requirements of thermal expansion and distance from high temperature pipeline, which may cause friction, fracture and high temperature to cause fire.
2. Hydrogen-cooled generators and hydrogen systems
Hydrogen is a flammable and explosive gas. It is a first-class flammable gas. When the system leaks hydrogen, exhausts hydrogen or air enters, it is very easy to explode when the fire source occurs. Especially when the hydrogen and oxygen in the air are mixed, a large amount of heat causes the sudden expansion of the gas in the process of combination, which causes the explosion of the generator to form a fire.
3. Electrical System
There are many cables laid on the ground and underground in power plants. The insulation material of cables belongs to flammable substance. It is very likely to ignite during long-term overload and arc or spark or ignition operation. Serious overload and short circuit occur inside oil-immersed transformer, which also easily causes the decomposition and expansion of flammable insulating oil and insulation material by high temperature or arc action. Even gasification causes transformer shell explosion and fuel injection II to cause fire.
4. Combustion System
Coal storage yard, coal transportation reserve system, trestle belt, pulverized coal pulverizing system of boiler (raw coal bunker, pulverized coal bunker), fuel gas system, etc., are prone to fire and explosion during operation.
Notes: The above are the causes of fire in thermal power plants and the locations where the fire occurred. For hydroelectric power plants, except for the causes of coal-fires, the fire locations are mainly concentrated in the generator room, distribution room and electrical system.
III. Our Solutions
1. Sevofluoropropane fire extinguishing system

        Pipe network type                                                                           Cabinet type                                Hanging tyre(Electromagnetic type)
The fire extinguishing system of heptafluoropropane produced by Jianan Fire Protection Company has been certified by 3C. In addition to extinguishing fires of high precision electronic instruments, equipment and valuables, the system is very suitable for extinguishing fires in power plants. It is colorless, odorless, non-conductive, non-secondary pollution, high extinguishing efficiency, no pollution to power plant facilities, good electrical insulation and spraying. Long shooting distance, rapid fire extinguishing, especially non-conductive performance is the ideal fire extinguishing system for power plant facilities and equipment. (Specific index parameters refer to the product introduction of the product center in the station.)
Installation site:
Control room, computer room, relay room, Engineer room, distribution equipment room, electronic equipment room, cable sandwich and so on.
2. Aerosol fire extinguishing system(S-type)
               Landing type                                                                              Small-micro type
The third generation aerosol fire extinguishing system in Jianan fire fighting production is mainly composed of strontium salt as the main oxidant. It has the mechanism of heat absorption, temperature reduction and extinguishing, chemical suppression and extinguishing, and oxygen concentration reduction. It has powerful fire extinguishing function. This kind of fire extinguishing agent has small particle size, large specific surface area and good environmental protection fire extinguishing effect. It can adopt full submergence fire extinguishing mode or partial fire extinguishing mode. It is also suitable for power plant alternatives, especially without bottle driving mode. It has good advantages in installation, maintenance and operation. Product introduction of product center.