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   Fire solution for comprehensive pipe corridor
I. Causes and characteristics of corridor fire:
Cause of fire
1. Pipeline installation needs welding, which can easily cause the combustion of thermal insulation layer of thermal pipeline and communication cables and power cables.
2. Pipeline installation needs to be brushed with anti-rust paint and various topcoats, which is also prone to fire.
3. Because of the large number of cables in the comprehensive gallery, the dense laying, the heating state of power cables in the running state, and the special structure and relative concentration of cables in the cable trench, when a cable breaks down, it will cause major fire accidents around other cables.
4. Improper design, such as inappropriate switch selection, bus short circuit caused by switch explosion, etc. Cable fire; No refractory material was used to block the ditches of other buildings in the comprehensive pipeline gallery, resulting in external fire intrusion into the pipeline gallery; Layered layers or poor ventilation in the comprehensive pipeline gallery were not laid according to the voltage level, and it was easy to cause fire.
Fire characteristics
1. Concealment. The underground comprehensive pipe corridor is only a few meters from the ground, and the underground pipe corridor on the ground is very close. If there is an explosion accident, the consequences are unimaginable.
2. Complexity. There are many pipelines in the underground comprehensive pipeline gallery, and municipal pipelines such as water supply, drainage, electric power, communication, thermal power, radio and television, gas and so on are integrated. Municipal pipelines should be carried in this space. Lighting, ventilation, waterlogging prevention, maintenance, fire protection and monitoring in the corridor are much more complicated than those on the ground.
3. Linkage. Electrical fire, gas leakage and explosion... Because of the complexity of underground comprehensive pipeline corridor, the uncertainty and diversity of hazard sources are caused. If a safety accident occurs, it is very likely to cause "chain reaction", which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of rescue and disaster relief, accident disposal, and the upgrading of accident level will cause heavy casualties or property losses.
II. Our Solutions
1. Ultrafine dry powder fire extinguishing device

Hanging-type ultrafine dry powder fire extinguishing device
Product characteristics:
(1) The use temperature range is wide: - 40 ~50 C, and it can be used in high-cold and high-heat areas at the same time.
(2) Quick response, reliable start-up; early suppression to prevent spread. Effective fire extinguishing, no secondary disasters. It does not destroy the ozone layer, is non-toxic and non-corrosive, and meets the requirements of environmental protection.
(3) Vessels meet the requirements of Pressure Vessel Standards and are safe to store and use.
(4) No pipe network, low cost, easy installation and maintenance.
(5) Implement GA602 "Dry Powder Fire Extinguishing Device" and GA578 "Superfine Dry Powder Fire Extinguishing Agent" two standards, and obtain the national CCC certification.
Composition of Superfine Dry Powder Fire Extinguishing System
(1) The ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing system includes fire extinguishing devices and associated linkage components.
(2) The fire extinguishing device is composed of drive (solid or gas), initiator, ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing agent, container, sealing film or temperature sensor, etc.
(3) The linkage component consists of a startup disk or startup component.
Superiority of Superfine Dry Powder Fire Extinguishing System
—— No pipe network design, easy installation and maintenance, basic maintenance-free;
—— It can be linked with the alarm system, or can be started by itself passively, and the starting mode is flexible.
—— No one on duty, automatic monitoring all day;
—— It can not only fully submerge the design, but also be applied locally, and the design application is flexible.
—— Short spraying time, fast fire extinguishing speed and high fire extinguishing efficiency;
—— Fire extinguishing device is small, easy to install and maintain.
2. Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Device

Hanging-type aerosol fire extinguishing device
Cable fire in pipeline corridor can be divided into two aspects: external cause of fire may cause the whole cable bundle to fire; more is caused by the failure of the cable itself: including overheating caused by overload and short-circuit current for a long time, which is easy to form deep-seated fire. It's harder to save. A new type of fire extinguishing equipment without pipeline network - aerosol automatic fire extinguishing device can be applied to this. This is because the gas produced by the hot aerosol fire extinguisher can effectively suppress the flame combustion of the cable, and can melt on the surface of the overheated cable to form a glass-like cover, separating the surrounding air, so it can asphyxiate the deep smoldering fire and prevent the re-ignition. At the same time, the aerosol fire extinguishing agent spraying produces a large amount of gas completely submerged covering the entire area without dead-corner fire extinguishing, which can effectively extinguish the initial fire.
Product characteristics
(1) Wide range of service temperature: -20 ~55 C, which can be used in high-cold and high-heat areas at the same time.
(2) The products of JA fire extinguishing device in the process of fire extinguishing have no effect on the corrosion of circuit and electrical equipment, so as to ensure that the circuit and electrical equipment can operate effectively and normally after fire extinguishing.
(3) When JA fire extinguishing device starts fire extinguishing, a large number of inert gases (such as N2, CO2) are produced, which restrains the combustion reaction of fire to achieve the purpose of fire extinguishing.
(4) The aerosols produced by JA fire extinguishing device after start-up are non-toxic, pollution-free, corrosion-free, pollution-free and ozone-depleting.
(5) JA fire extinguishing device and fire alarm controller can realize high-speed, high-efficiency and all-round fire extinguishing. It has comprehensive functions of automatic detection, automatic alarm, automatic start and manual start. It has unique advantages for fire extinguishing under unmanned conditions and fire extinguishing where firefighters are difficult to reach.
(6) Multiple interconnections and wires can be connected, so that the protection space is not affected by the length of the lines.
(7) The system has no pipe network, no pressure vessel driving device, no valves and pipes, which can save usage area and engineering cost.
(8) JA fire extinguishing device is solid storage without leakage, working under normal pressure, safe and reliable, convenient storage and transportation, and low daily maintenance cost.
(9) Implementation standard GA499.1-2010.