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Who to serve, what to serve and how to serve are becoming more and more unavoidable in the modern society with increasingly obvious service-oriented economy. For enterprises, it is a new "test paper" that is often made, and a "common sense" that is easy to understand and easy to make mistakes. Therefore, it is a comprehensive and profound knowledge. In this regard, Jian'an fire protection holds the eternal "harsh" service concept.
Committed to continuous improvement, beyond customer expectations.
What Jian'an Fire Protection Institute has agreed is:
The target and direction of commitment, the surface is the product, the deep is the customer, and the essence is the society;
The process and the whole process of commitment, throughout the link, accurate in the details, and devoted to the plot;
The dimension and intensity of commitment, breaking through the time, controlling the space, facing the immediacy;
The continuous base point and fulcrum, positive attitude and sincere The pattern of realm and good cultivation;
Continuous key points and difficulties to create new business opportunities, new markets and new values;
Continuous melting points and highlights to inherit the past, improve the present and create the future;
The principle and discipline of improvement, no lower limit, no upper limit, unlimited satisfaction;
The way and method of improvement, strictly prohibit rough, strictly discipline rough, severely punish rough;
Change "100-1" is 0 .
Hold this consensus, keep it constant, strive to "exceed customer expectations", and build a friendly relationship of interaction, mutual benefit, mutual trust and mutual respect in addition to customer expectations, so as to truly realize sharing and win-win.