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UAV for fire

Product Details

(Use for unmanned aerial vehicle)
I. Fire Extinguishing Principle
The fire extinguishing principle of fire extinguishing bomb varies according to different fire extinguishing agents. Using aerosol fire extinguishing agent can refer to the related introduction of the fire extinguishing principle of aerosol fire extinguishing agent on the website, using ultra-fine dry powder can refer to the corresponding fire extinguishing principle introduced on the website, using water-based fire extinguishing agent is cooling and cooling fire extinguishing, while using mixtures has chemical asphyxiation, heat removal, cooling and other fire extinguishing mechanisms.
II. Main Advantages
1. Convenience of carrying UAV;
2. Intelligent control;
3. Long-range emissivity;
4. Precision of point-to-point fire extinguishing and saturation of cluster intensive fire extinguishing;
5. Temperature-sensitive fire extinguishing instantaneity;
6. Armor-piercing fire extinguishing function;
7. Emergency rescue function;
8. Low cost;
9. Non-lethal safety of Special material body of  the (bomb)
III. Existing Categories and Specifications
There are several series, such as ultra-fine dry powder, aerosol, water-based type, mixing type and so on, which can be customized according to customer needs.
1. Flight altitude: 3000m below
2. Accuracy: the terminal point is 0.3m, which ensures that the fire extinguisher flies into the fire field from a window of 1 *0.5 square meters to implement the fire extinguishing.
3.Reliability of fuze: the reliability rate of ignition is more than 95%.
4.Output current of fuze: greater than 1A;
5. Engine; bore-out speed greater than 50m/s;
6.The total weight of rocket fire extinguisher is less than 4 kg.
7. Fire extinguishing efficiency: less than 100g/m3.
. Application fields (sites)
It is mainly suitable for fire extinguishing in high-rise buildings, large space buildings, forests, grasslands and other fields.