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 Fire Solution for Power Network
I. Fire factors in power network facilities
1. Lightning strike ignition: Lightning strike is the main factor of power network fire, and the risk of fire caused by lightning strike is particularly high.
2. Short-circuit ignition: Electrical short-circuit can easily cause power network fire;
3. Arc ignition: Cable joint explosion, high suspension voltage of protective layer, insulation breakdown and improper reclosure operation cause fire;
4. Ignition by burners: the burners fall into the power network channel, fire in the cable shaft or channel, and the outdoor cables accumulate combustibles to cause fire;
5. Fire Prolongation: Cable holes are not blocked, cable material is poor, no firewall is installed, no fire retardant paint is brushed, etc. When encountering external fire, fire is triggered.
6. High heat ignition: the cable is too close to the thermal pipeline or the cable is overloaded for a long time. The high temperature is the aging of the insulator, resulting in the decline of insulation performance and breakdown ignition.
7. Leakage ignition: When oil-immersed cables are laid, the difference between high and low positions is large, oil flowing or oil seepage occurs at the cable head, resulting in the loss or drying of insulating oil at the high cable end, the increase of thermal resistance, and the breakdown and ignition of insulating coking.
II. Fire-prone parts of power network
1. Transmission facilities: power house, facilities, cables and other parts for transmission;
2. Substation facilities: substations, cables, machine rooms and other parts for substation;
3. Distribution facilities: distribution rooms, computer rooms, cables and other parts for distribution;
4. Auxiliary power facilities: mainly phase separation equipment, air compressor unit, ventilation unit, oil pump, heating equipment, electric furnace, air conditioning and other parts.
III. Our Solutions
1. Sevofluoropropane fire extinguishing system

Pipe network type                                                                             Cabinet type
The fire extinguishing system of heptafluoropropane produced by Jianan Fire Protection Company has been certified by 3C. In addition to the fire fighting of high precision electronic instruments, equipment and valuables, the system is very suitable for fire fighting of power network facilities and equipment. It is colorless, odorless, non-conductive, non-secondary pollution, high fire fighting efficiency, no pollution to power grid facilities and equipment, and electrical insulation. Good, long spray distance, fast fire extinguishing, especially non-conductive performance is the ideal fire extinguishing system for power network facilities and equipment. (Specific parameters refer to the product introduction of the product center in the station.)
Key points of system design:
Taking the computer room of data center as an example, according to the actual needs, a number of protective zones are set up. The fire extinguishing design concentration of heptafluoropropane is 8%. The fire extinguishing cylinders are centrally placed in the gas cylinder room. The steel pipe is connected to the protected areas. The gas volume needs to consider the ceiling layer, the working layer and the floor layer, and the matching fire automatic alarm system in each area. Smoke induction circuit and temperature induction circuit are set up in the protective zone. The whole system has automatic control, manual control (electrical), emergency manual operation and emergency stop ventilation operation.
2. Aerosol fire extinguishing system
               Landing type                                                                      Small-micro type
The third generation aerosol fire extinguishing system in Jianan fire fighting production is mainly composed of strontium salt as the main oxidant. It has strong fire extinguishing functions such as physical heat absorption, temperature reduction, chemical suppression and oxygen concentration reduction. This kind of fire extinguishing agent has small particle size, large specific surface area and good environmental protection fire extinguishing effect. It can adopt full submergence fire extinguishing mode or partial fire extinguishing mode. It is very suitable for power network facilities and equipment, and is preferred by power grid users, especially without bottle driving mode. It has good advantages in installation, maintenance and operation. (Refer to the product introduction of the product center in the station for the specific index parameters).