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Fire extinguishing tube

Product Introduction / PRODUCT INTRODUCTION
Fire extinguishing tube
I. Fire Extinguishing Principle
It consists of plastic pipes made of special materials and liquid stored in pipes with cooling effect. Pressure gauges and sealing fittings are set at both ends of the pipes. When the ignition temperature in protective facilities rises to a set value, the pipes burst and release coolant to extinguish the initial fire in the form of gas, so as to avoid the expansion of the fire. 
II. Main Advantages
1. It has strong versatility and is suitable for various energy storage implementations and fires.
2. High cost-effective, maintenance-free and long life;
3. No need for pharmaceutical storage tanks;
4. Pressure switch or other signal unit can be selected to expand the function.
5. Release high-efficiency clean gas without residues, and do no harm to the internal and human body of energy storage.
6. Temperature self-starting without manual intervention;
7. Fully independent operation without power supply;
8. Maintenance-free, no operating costs;
9. Easy installation without special training;
10. Pressure gauge monitors pressure changes.
III. Existing Categories and Specifications
Customized to customer needs.
General index Special index
Starting temperature  110℃±10℃ Extinguishing concentration:
 HFC-227ea or FM 200      8%
 1230(Perfluorohexanone)    5.5%
Service life: according to installation environment 5-10 yerrs
Fire extinguishing tube length: according to fire extinguishing space requirement to customize.

V. Application fields(sites)
1. It can be used for engine protection, electric cabinet and distribution box protection.
2. The engine is suitable for the aging and poor contact of the front engine cabin circuit of the car.
Initial automatic fire extinguishing that causes combustion.
3. It is not suitable for deflagration of large-area exposure and oil leakage caused by car crashes and other accidents.

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