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aerosol fire suppression technology price floor type

Specification Technical Parameter
Environmental Temperature -20℃-- +55℃
Design quantity of fire distinguishing agent 0.15KG/m3
Fire-distinguishing time ≤30s
Release time ≤120s
Starting condition DC24V/1--2A(minimum starting current of 700MA)
Ways of co-action Series system
Volume of the defense area correction coefficient 500m3≤V<1000m3,Kv=1.1 V≥1000m3,Kv=1.2(V—net volume of the defense area,KV—volume correction coefficient)
Product Details

I. Fire Extinguishing Principle

1. Gas-phase chemical inhibition: Under the action of heat, gasified metal ions or electroless cations decomposed in fire extinguishing aerosols can react affinity with active groups in combustion, consume a large number of active groups repeatedly, and reduce combustion free radicals.
2. Solid-phase chemical inhibition: the particle size of fire extinguishing aerosol is very small (0.001~100μm), and it has a large surface area and surface energy. It can adsorb the active groups in combustion, and has biochemical effects. It consumes a large number of active groups and reduces combustion free radicals.
3. Reducing oxygen concentration: N2 and CO2 in fire extinguishing aerosols can reduce oxygen concentration in combustion, but their speed is slow, and the fire extinguishing effect is far less than endothermic cooling and chemical inhibition.
II. Main Advantages
It has the advantages of high efficiency, fast speed, non-toxicity, no destruction of the ozone layer, simple structure, no occupation or small area, convenient installation and low cost.
III. Existing Categories and Specifications
1. Types: landing type and hanging type.
2. Specifications:
(1) Small-micro aerosol specifications:
Model Starting mode Filling weight(g) Outlinf size(mm)
QRRO0.05GW/S-JA D,W,C 50 φ80×85
QRRO0.1GW/S-JA D,W,C 100 φ80×108
QRRO0.15GW/S-JA D,W,C 150 φ100×128
QRRO0.25GW/S-JA D,W,C 250 φ127×150
Notes: D is electric starting type, W is thermal starting type, C is magnetic starting type.
(2) More than 3kg aerosol specifications:
Model Filling weight(kg) Outlinf size(l×w×h,mm) Device net weight(kg)
QRRO3GW/S-JA(circular) 2-3 Φ290×230 about15
QRRO3GW/S-JA( square ) 2-3 300×250×160  
QRRO5GW/S-JA 2-5 380×300×690 About26-29
QRRO10GW/S-JA 6-10 560×300×690 About50-54
QRRO7.5GW/S-JA 4-7.5 Φ290×830 About31-34
(3) Main parameters:
Environmental temperature  -20℃~+55℃
Environmental relative humidity ≤95%
Basic design dosage of fire extinguishing agent ≥0.15kg/m³
Extinguishing time ≤30s
Release time ≤120s
Outlet temperature at 5 mm of nozzle landing≤180℃、hanging≤200℃
Maximum temperature of box body landing≤100℃、hanging≤200℃
DC resistance 1~5Ω
Starting condition DC24V/1~2A(minimum starting current 700 mA)
Safe current 150mA/5min
Multi-station linkage mode series connection
Term of validity 7years
Insulation property of resultant >105MΩ(Non-corrosive: No obvious change in color of brass plate.)
Chemical Components of Fire Extinguishing Agents Strontium nitrate and potassium nitrate
Toxicity test The mice did not lose the ability to escape after the experiment, and did not die within 3 days after the experiment.
IV. Application areas (places)
1. The main control room, the central control room, the main power room, the communication center (including the program-controlled power station of the switch room, the main distribution room, the power room, etc.) and the main operation room of the main control system.
2. Transformer and distribution system (substation) - distribution room, oil-immersed capacitor room, oil-immersed transformer room, oil-immersed reactor room, storage battery room, etc.
3. Oil supply system - hydraulic station, lubricating oil depot, rolling oil system, centralized oil supply system, oil storage room, oil pipeline gallery, etc.
4. Computer room - computing (Information) center, cegional management computing station and computer room of main production workshops, hardware and software development and maintenance room, uninterruptible power supply room, buffer room, paper storage, optical or magnetic recording material storage, etc.