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Vehicle Ultra-fine

Product Details
Vehicle Ultra-fine Dry Powder Fire Extinguishing device
(Extinguishing device of ultra-fine dry powder for engine room)
I.Main Advantages
This device does not need pipeline network and no pressure storage. It can be used separately or jointly to form a fire extinguishing system without pipeline network to extinguish large protected area fires. It can monitor engine compartment fires all the time by using heat sensitive line detection technology. It can protect engine compartment fires by submerged fire extinguishing mode. It has higher extinguishing efficiency, beautiful appearance and strong endurance. It is easy to install, easy to maintain, low cost, no harmful residue after injection and easy to clean up. It is specially used in engine compartment of cars, buses, commercial vehicles, freight cars and other motor vehicles.
II. Existing specifications
0.3kg, 0.4kg, customizable.
III.Main parameters
Specification Model FFX-ACD0.3-JXJA FFX-ACD0.4-JXJA
Dry powder fillingkg 0.3 0.4
Protected Spaceg/m3 200 200
Spray times 5 5
Residual rate after spraying% 5 5
Use temperature(℃) -40-90 -40-90
Thermally initiated combustion temperature(℃) 170±15 170±15
Starting CurrentmA 800 800
Safety CurrentmA 250 250
Use VoltageV DC9-24 DC9-24
Starting mode electronic control, temperature control electronic control, temperature control