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JA FM200 products passed 3C approval

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New year beginning, All things is fresh again, at the moment of spring coming, according to the NO.12 announcement in2014 of quality testing central office ministry of public security CNCAAnnouncement About Part of Fire Fighting Products Carrying Out Coerciveness Products Approvaland NO.15 announcement in 2014 of CNCAAnnouncement About CNCA Issuing Fire Fighting Products Coerciveness Products Approval Carrying Out Rules , from Sep,1st ,2015, every fire fighting product listed in the catalogue of coerciveness products approval, products without the certification of coerciveness products approval and sign of coerciveness products approval should not be left factory, sold or used in other business activities.

           Jiang xi Jian An Fire Fighting Equipment CO.Ltd passed 3C approval on Feb 4th, 2016 and was

the first batch of enterprise to pass the approval. We will make qualified products according to all

requirements of 3C approval strictly to be an enterprise having conscience、specification and