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01 发展力Development power

  • 2004-2009 entrepreneurial period Founded "Jiangxi Jian'an fire fighting equipment Co., Ltd." Plan the development strategic vision of "becoming a global leader in fire technology" It is the first in China to pass the national ga-499.1-2004 standard inspection Guide large-scale development and build a leading aerosol fire protection product production base in China Layout and establish marketing network in domestic provincial capital cities and other key areas Won the title of top ten potential brands in Xinyu City
  • Development period 2010-2015

    Introduce advanced heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing device production line to enhance industrial concentration Implement the strategy of refinement, diversification and branding It was rated as the "top ten well-known automatic fire extinguishing enterprises" in the national fire industry, the "famous trademark of Jiangxi Province" and the "AAA publicity unit of abiding by contracts and keeping promises in Jiangxi Province" Establish the first gas fire extinguishing Application Research Center in the province, and change from production type to production technology type The first fire control engineering technology research center in Jiangxi fire industry was established It is rated as the first national high-tech enterprise in Xinyu fire industry It has become a key enterprise above the designated level in Yushui district and a leading enterprise in the fire industry in Xinyu City

  • 2016-2020 transition period

    The company was renamed "Jiangxi Jian'an Fire Technology Co., Ltd." to strengthen the driving force of scientific and technological innovation

    Open the transformation and development strategies of "fire protection + Internet", "fire protection + Internet of things", "fire protection +..." and other intelligent, chained and integrated transformation and development strategies;

    It has been rated as "potential jingling enterprise in Jiangxi Province", "key enterprise in leading industry of industry finance cooperation in Jiangxi Province", "specialized and special new" small and medium-sized enterprise in Jiangxi Province "and" science and technology-based small, medium and micro enterprise in Jiangxi Province "

    Mr. Zhang Jianfeng, chairman of the board, won the "advanced individual award" of the 9th Golden Bridge Award of China's technology market approved by the national science and Technology Award Office

    Construction of the first intelligent robot welding line in Xinyu fire industry

    Develop the world's leading "Tianjian" UAV fire extinguishing system

  • 2021-2025 upgrading period Formulate the "2021-2025" development plan, launch the "secondary entrepreneurship", become a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for intelligent fire extinguishing systems and public security cloud platform service support solutions in China, accelerate the industry, finance, investment and empowerment, and build an upgraded version of "century old enterprise"

02 研发力R & D capability

Jian'an technology has professional technical personnel and a special fire control engineering technology research center. Based on applied product R & D, Jian'an technology promotes patent transformation demonstration and industrial upgrading. It has a number of core and key technologies of fire technology. The application of these technologies to the products has improved the added value of the products, enhanced the fire-fighting efficiency, improved the fire-fighting and rescue ability for the majority of users, and strengthened the support ability of fire safety guarantee for the society.

03 文化力Cultural power

  • Wish landscape: become the leader of global fire technology.
  • Mission: with a hundred year commitment to provide global customers with technologically leading fire safety services;
  • With the family culture, we will create a stage for all Jian'an family to lead to their life dreams.
  • Management view: Jian'an technology is an intelligent creation for safety.
  • Spiritual outlook: act with mindfulness, advance in the face of difficulties, and strive for change.
  • Style view: responsibility, cooperation, diligence and efficiency.
  • Service concept: committed to continuous improvement and surpassing customer expectations.
  • Talent view: practical work is the first and only talent is applicable.

04 服务力Service capacity

Jian'an technology's innovative service is based on "humanistic care, value creation and security", breaks the traditional habit of focusing on "pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales" service, adds new ways, implants new content, injects new vitality and creates a new atmosphere for service, so as to "be faster, better and more satisfied".

People first, customers first and reputation first.

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The trust of customers comes from JA's conscientious attitude

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The trust of customers comes from JianAn's conscientious attitude

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Fire safety IoT system integration solution

Jiangxi JA Fire Fighting Technology Co.,Ltd.

Jiangxi JA Fire Fighting Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004,with 4 holding subsidiaries.It covers an area of nearly 60 mu,and more than 180 employees, with an annual output of 3 million sets (pieces) of fire fighting products。 The company has been awarded as "National High-tech Technical enterprises", "Gazette potential enterprises in Jiangxi Province",“Key Enterprises of leading industry in Jiangxi Province","National Top 10 automatic Aerosol fire-fighting enterprises " and "Jiangxi Promise Contract and Keep Credit 3Aunits "etc. Mr. Zhang Jianfeng, chairman of the board won the "Advanced Individual Award" of the 9th China Technology Market Golden Bridge Award established by the National Science and Technology Awards Office.Leading products such as HFC-227ea, fire detection tubes, ultra-fine dry powder and other fire extinguishing devices have been certified by national authorities. The company has obtained the certificates of quality management system, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system, China classification society certification and the European Union CE international certification。JA has the qualification for maintenance and inspection of fire protection facilities.The market share of subdivided gas fire extinguishing equipment occupies the top of the industry. At present, JA is building an intelligent fire industry chain integrating research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, fire technical service, supporting fire engineering construction, and special equipment inspection and testing service, and seeking to develop a high-end and leading fire protection industry such as UAV fire extinguishing system and intelligent fire protection integrated technology.